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Pace, Florida is a census-designated place in Santa Rosa County with a population of over 20,000. Pace is the fastest growing community in Northwest Florida, with population growth over the past decade at 171%. The climate of Pace is humid with short, mild winters and hot, summers; however, there are plenty of green vegetation and water inlets to cool things down during the summer days. William Barnett established Florida Town (now Pace) at the site of his lumber mill in 1821. Today, Pace offers a slow, family-oriented pace lifestyle with quick access to urban areas and tourist attractions.

EMPLOYMENT — Employment is in primarily executive, management, and professional occupations (34%) sales and service jobs (25%) and manufacturing and laborer jobs (21%). Local large employers include Wal-Mart Super-center, Home Depot, Office Depot, Publix, Lowes, Sears and Target. Work and family networks are tied together in such a traditional community.

LIFESTYLE — Pace is a traditional and family-oriented community. Good public schools, a lower-than-average crime rate, and a high rate of homeownership make Pace a great place to raise a family. There are a large number of families with school-aged children; therefore, Pace provides a strong sense of community unity and support.

REAL ESTATE — Real estate prices are reasonable in comparison to other areas on and near the Emerald Coast, which makes for good opportunities to invest. The median real estate price is approximately $140,000 and the average rental price is $875. Pace is a largely made up of suburban neighborhoods. Stonebrook Golf and Country Club is one of the nicest neighborhoods in the area.

INTERESTING FACT — Pace is named after James G. Pace, owner of mills for lumber, paper and turpentine production that operated throughout the southeast a century ago. Originally Pace was a strip of land north of Floridatown, but was named Pace during the 1912 census.

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